Why Do Wealthy Dentists Prefer Less Wealthy Women?

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Wealthy dentists prefer to date women who are less wealthy, according to several surveys of single dentists on dentist dating sites. There are many possible causes, including but not limited to:

1)Men are dominant
Most of the time, men like to dominate their women. Surveys show that some wealthy dentists are unhappy dating or marrying similarly wealthy women because they are better off financially than themselves and wealthy women like to dominate to. As a result, dentists don't like to date or marry wealthy women because they can't make all the key decisions by their own advantage. Wealthy dentists are not used to competing financially, as are wealthy women.

2)Less affluent women are more grateful
Less affluent women tend to be more grateful for what they have and more willing to hold on to the rich who have paid for them. Everything is for rich men, and they have low expectations of themselves. Men seem to be more inclined to be appreciated, to be cared for, to feel secure and loved. Lower-income women are also less demanding and accommodating.

Many wealthy elite single women generally regard money as the most important thing and can be said to be materialistic, and are therefore more likely to care about secular entities and everything related to money. Instead, wealthy single dentists prefer to date women who offer them emotional support and are always there for them.

4)They are looking for family-oriented women
Wealthy dentists often live in the same household as wealthy women, these women spend most of their time at work and less time with their partners. As a result, wealthy dentists find it difficult to date such wealthy women, so they want women who can spend more time together. Family-oriented women will want to spend more time with their peers to maintain the family and therefore communicate more friendly.

As a result, wealthy dentists seem to attract less wealthy women because of the money they have. Money makes these women interested in the hobbies or interests of the rich. The study also found that less wealthy women were more loving, grateful and compassionate toward their partners. As a result, wealthy men prefer women who are willing to pay attention to them while giving them emotional support. So wealthy men seem to prefer women who have less money than they do.

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