What Should You Wear On Your First Dentist Dating?

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Are you a single looking for an elite single dentist for dating? You've met your dentist through some professional dentist dating websites, but since you haven't had a date in a while, you may not know what to wear on a first date. You don't want to look too simple, so short skirts and tight tops are out, right? So what did you wear to your first dental appointment?

Of course, if you're in your 30s, you might not be wearing the same clothes on your first date as you did in your 20s. But the key is to find what makes you feel good. Again, it depends on where your first dentist appointment was. If you're going to play golf or go hiking, you obviously shouldn't wear heels or a dress, and if he invites you out for a candlelit dinner, you'll want to dress up as well. So, let's take a look at different dating scenarios to help you find the right outfit for you.

Hiking date
If you want to get out on your first dentist date instead of sitting still, hiking is a great way to go. Make sure you both want to go hiking and that you're both capable; this is not the time to bite too much (and fly home) or to show him your amazing Kilimanjaro skills.

Perfect for: extroverts, or when you're sitting nervously chatting with someone you don't know yet. Then go out and have a look!

What to wear: sportswear, of course. If you don't mind wearing some form-fitting clothes on your first date, wear yoga pants, which will give you great comfort. If not, wear shorts, hiking pants or leggings. Most importantly, wear the right shoes! There's no point in trying to be cute if you risk spraining your ankle in the wrong shoes! Then put on a hat to protect your face from the sun or keep your head warm... Or both. Remember, this is not the time to wear cute jeans or complicated tops. If you wear comfortable clothes on a hike, you won't waste time stopping and fiddling with inappropriate clothing.

Dinner date
Dinner dates are also a good choice for most first dental appointments. A good dinner on your first date will add years to your life! This is a great way to get to know your date. His choice of restaurant can reflect his personality from the side, but also can let you know a lot. For example, if he orders a taco stand on his first date, don't judge him harshly. The same is true of his treatment of waiters. Is he adventurous or cautious in his food choices? Enjoy analyzing your date at a big meal!

Perfect for: a guy you've met and know the chemistry between you. Maybe it's because you both already know that you're attracted to each other, and you're still trying to figure out if you have chemistry and want to choose a shorter date.

What to wear: dress up a little. If you like to wear a dress, wear one (even if you go for tacos!). . Or, opt for nice pants and dressy shirts. You can wear more jewelry than you would on a day date, but don't overdo it.

Drinks date
These tend to be evening dates, usually in bars where you can focus on getting to know your date by drinking. But do drink slowly! The last thing you need on a first date is a lot of beer! If you're nervous, gulp down your vodka soda, which is easy, but be aware that it puts you in a dangerous position. You might even do things you wouldn't do when you were awake, like going home with him.

Perfect for: meet someone you feel comfortable with on a dentist dating site or app (you've been chatting for days or weeks) and you can be confident that they're safe.

What to wear: it depends on the location. If you're going to a brewery or beer bar, opt for jeans, cute sneakers or sandals, and a blazer. If you're drinking at a bar in a fancy restaurant, opt for something slightly more casual (like a summer sundress) or dressy pants and a nice shirt.

Coffee date
This is your first dentist date. The coffee shop date is short and sweet, so if you don't like him in an hour, you can leave right away. If you get on well with him, you can relax by taking a walk with him, or by ending the date and making him want more.

Perfect for: singles who are on a first date through a dentist dating app or website. Because a coffee shop date is a safe way to get to know someone you only know online.

What to wear: casual wear. You don't want to look like you're trying too hard, so go casual. T-shirts and jeans, for example, are perfect for a first coffee date. You can dress them up with heels or sandals, or create a casual vibe with trendy sneakers. Add some light colored studs and you'll look great.

You may think you need to wear tight, low-cut clothes to impress this guy, but trust me: no matter where you go on your first date, you'd better wear what you feel comfortable in. If you feel good about your clothes, they will look good on you. Plus, you want him to be attracted to you, not what you're wearing. Try on the suit, especially the new one, before you go out. See if it makes you uncomfortable or binds you. If so, don't wear them.

Now that you've figured out what to wear on a first date, it's time for your first dentist appointment! Know that this person may or may not be the person of your dreams. This could be the first of many first dates, so keep your expectations low by being sensible about your date. In the worst case, you can have coffee, drinks or dinner with a nice guy. You may not be in a relationship, but you may end up being friends. So keep an open mind about your date's destination.

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