What Are The Top 10 Reasons Why Someone Should Date You?

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What are the top 10 reasons why someone should date you? When one is good enough, one does not worry about finding a partner. Here's a share of single female dentists from a rich dental dating site, let take a look:

1.I’m smart. I'm a good student, my IQ is above average, I can have intelligent discussions, and I'm willing to learn things I don't know. Besides, my medical knowledge is so profound that I can help you solve your dental problems in time.

2.I’m mature for my age. I like rational discussions and talk about current events. What I like and my sense of humor is mostly consistent with someone older than me.

3.I have a good sense of humor. I'm funny, sarcastic and playful.

4.I’m very polite, really good. I believe in treating people the way you want them to be treated. "Some people's good manners don't come across as entirely true, but I try to respect everyone."

5.I don't get self-worth from social media. As I said in my previous responses, I'm not active on social media. A lot of people get self-worth and image through their self-image on social media, but I know who I am and I see myself in a relatively good way.

6.I’m mature. I can handle everything calmly and help my partner when he or she is in trouble.

7.I have political awareness. I know the latest information about both parties and I know the situation. I know what I believe in.

8.Don’t like the hookup culture. Maybe it's because I haven't experienced it yet, but I don't like it. If someone is dating me, they don't have to worry about me dating someone else.

9.I give you good advice! I like listening to people's questions and giving them good advice, which makes me feel very helpful.

10.I’m independent. I've never had a boyfriend, but I don't think of myself as a clingy girl. I'm an introvert and enjoy being alone and alone. If you don't want to be stuck with your girlfriend, that's no problem for someone like me.

After looking at the above points, do you think it would be great to have a dentist girlfriend since there are perks of dating dentist. If you want to find a rich dentist, join a popular dating site for dentists.

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