Should I Kiss A Sugar Baby On The First Sugar Date?

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"Should I kiss a sugar baby on my first sugar date?""It's a question I hear a lot from sugar daddy dating sites and I get it every week. In fact, the rules of attraction are variable, so there is no 100% answer. Many online daters hit a dating wall because they try to apply the same dating advice to every situation. So let's start with some obvious observations.

Every female sugar baby is an individual with very different ideas. Each sugar baby has its own unique preference. Some candy babies swear never to kiss on a first date, while others prefer to let nature take its course. Which brings us to our next obvious point:

Just because your first date was great doesn't mean she wants a second date. Kissing on the first date doesn't mean sex on the second. So should you kiss a sugar baby on your first date? This question is not easy to answer. That being said, I'll answer for you. So, to put it bluntly, to this simple question, "should I kiss a sugar baby on my first sugar date?"

Don't plan for it
Don't make kissing your first sugar date because there are so many variables at work. For example, your breath may stink, or she may not find you funny, or she may have a phobia of kissing, etc. There are a million things that keep her out of kissing, and you need to respond to her feelings in real time.

In the meantime, dating isn't scripted -- if it were, would you like it? Dating is like a tennis match, not a play that has been written. You must constantly respond to the actions of others based on your immediate reactions. You need to be able to read her body language. She's telling you how she feels, verbally and verbally. All you need to do is read her hints. As mentioned earlier, each sugar baby is an individual. Just because she keeps reaching out during the date doesn't mean she necessarily wants to kiss at the end of the date. That being said, if she behaves in any of the following ways, she is attracted to you. If she does most of the following and you're still not sure she wants to kiss, chances are in your favor anyway.

Signs she's attracted to you:
Her eyes widened. If her eyes are wide open for fear of missing anything you say while you're talking, it means she's interested in you.

Her eyes widened. If her eyes are wide open for fear of missing anything you say while you're talking, it means she's interested in you.

Imitate you. Is she copying your every move? If she tries to respond after you touch her nose. It means she likes you.

Break down barriers. We often cross our arms to make ourselves feel safe, but doing so quickly creates an obstacle. If she can remove these barriers, you'll know she can accept you.

Laugh at everything you say, even if you know the joke isn't funny.

The sign is two-way. She may want you to kiss her, but after pouncing on you for a night and getting nothing in return, moistening her lips with yours can be an ambush, a sign of return.

If she doesn't show interest through these signs, start showing love yourself. It's easier to open up when the other person has already revealed their cards.

Know her preferences
Even if you're the perfect sugar daddy, your sugar baby on the first date probably won't want to kiss you on the first date. But that's not your responsibility. As cliche as it may sound, some sugar babies are 100% against kissing on the first date. No matter how great you are, she's not going to change her rules just because she's dating prince charming.

So it's important to know what she likes. Identify her belief system on a date, for example: if she dresses like a Puritan, it's doubtful she'll like kissing after the first date. Did she publicly display her religious beliefs or conservative leanings? While these are noteworthy signs, a sexy low-cut dress doesn't mean she's bound to kiss on the first date. More importantly, you want to observe what she's doing on the first date, not what she's wearing, because she probably picked out her clothes before she met you. Her clothes may reflect her pre-date state of mind, but when she sees your mild-mannered appearance, she may go into a different state of mind.

Kissing occurs after basic contact escalates
Kissing occurs because there is a natural attraction that peaks at contact. Without the accumulation of these basic contacts, a kiss can be sudden and unexpected. So, first express your interest through touch. Find ways to touch her throughout the date. Just as you move closer to a kiss, you move closer to touching her in more sexual areas. You're not going to touch her on the back for a few minutes, are you? This is completely wrong.

Instead, start the date with a hug. A hug is much more intimate than a handshake. From here, it is a quick jump and jump to touch her hand, upper back, etc. If the tone of the date is a handshake rather than a hug, it's much harder to escalate things with physical contact, or even spark a spark.

The first few touches should be explicitly non-sexual. Non-sexual contact can be hugging, stroking her back as you guide her through a crowded room, playfully nudging her, stroking her body with your body when you get close to her to watch video, and so on. Also pay attention when she starts touching. Does she keep her head up laughing and give you a playful pat on the shoulder? To let her touch you is to completely reveal that she likes you.

Should you kiss a sugar baby on your first sugar date? Yes, but only if it feels right. If she's been sending you signals of interest, or if you've boosted your attraction through touch and believe her beliefs are in line with yours, kiss. But if it doesn't feel right, hide that kiss under your lips and save your first kiss for later.

If you follow the tips above, you will find that the second date should be physical. When dating is active in its own right, it's easy to get in touch and develop chemistry. Maintain rapport and at the end of the second date there should be enough kisses of mutual attraction. But if kissing on a first date makes your head spin, maybe you should talk to a professional. Aside from the well-meaning but misguided advice of your friends, ask me, a professional dating coach from match sugar daddy site.

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