How To Refuse A Sugar Baby Who Is Interested In You?

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Whether you're on an online dating website for sugar daddies or meeting a sugar baby offline, do you want to know how to say no to a sugar baby who's interested in you? Obviously, no one likes to hurt other people's feelings. So when you reject a sugar baby who is interested in you, make sure you practice empathy and compassion. Sometimes, however, you may inadvertently become cruel while trying to be kind. If you don't handle rejection well, you're likely to hurt others. That's why I'm writing about how to say no to a sugar baby. Check it out:

What you should do: compliment her
We all know that almost everyone has been rejected, and it takes courage to let someone know that you have romantic feelings for them. You make yourself vulnerable and put yourself in danger of hurting your feelings. Unfortunately, there's really nothing you can do to hurt the sugar baby's feelings. If you're worried about rejecting sugar baby without hurting her feelings, take a look at these compliments and tell her:

  • "I know it means a lot to you to ask me this question, and it takes a lot of courage, and I admire your courage."
  • "I think you're a wonderful person and I'm really flattered."
  • "Thank you, I'm sorry I have to say no. But I want you to know how much I respect you as a person."

What you should do: say no to her face
It's possible that the sugar baby who likes you is afraid to confront you directly and will contact you by text or email. While this is understandable, if possible, don't just reject her without meeting her face to face. If she doesn't agree to meet in person, then you'll be forced to reject her via text or email, but if she agrees to accept the invitation (simply say, "can we talk in person? Meet in a place that provides enough privacy for the two of you and don't make it too complicated for her to think you're dating.

If she's your co-worker, you can meet after work at a coffee shop near your workplace. If she's your friend, you can meet her at a nice place (outside a coffee shop, or where she works after work, or in a nearby park) and talk to her. Refusing her to her face shows that you respect her and think she's worth talking to. Above all, never choose to disappear from the problem.

What you should do: just reject her and give her space to digest
If you don't like the sugar baby, don't delay saying no. When she publicly expresses interest and asks you out, cut the relationship short and break up completely. It may sting, but it's better to rip the band-aid off rather than drag it out. Sometimes people feel bad and try to overcompensate after rejecting someone. You'll probably spend more time with her than before (especially if she's already a friend or colleague). You may want to give her more compliments or try to talk more often to soothe her hurt feelings.

It's a hard truth: it's not going to get better, it's going to get worse. Remember, it's not your responsibility to fix her broken heart or take care of her self-esteem. If you don't keep your distance, you'll inadvertently send mixed messages that make the problem worse. In a word, be friendly, but also be confident and give her her space.

What you should do: be honest
When you're thinking about how to say no to a sugar baby you don't like, you might mistakenly think that making up some lies or using some excuse will soften the blow of their rejection. Here are some examples:

  • "I already have my favorite sugar baby."
  • "I'm not emotionally ready for a relationship."
  • "I'd love to date you, but I'm afraid it would ruin our friendship. I can't let the fire of our desires destroy our friendship! I think we can only be friends."

Don't do this! Dishonesty may only give a girl false hope and even make her ask further why you can't date her. Women -- and people in general -- like to be honest, even when they really want to be uncomfortable. You don't have to go on and on about why you're not interested. Depending on the situation, simply say this:

  • "Thank you very much. But I just want to keep our friendship for now. I don't want it to be romantic."
  • "I'm flattered. Thank you for liking it, but I'm not interested in dating."
  • "I'd love to, but I've been so busy with work lately that I don't have time for anyone right now."
  • "I'm flattered, but I want to stay friends and not change our current relationship."

What you shouldn't do: kiss or hook up with her
It should be obvious that if you don't like her, don't do anything romantic with her, or you'll just make her think you're interested. If this person is your friend or someone you are at least physically attracted to, then you may be tempted to have an affair with this person with no strings attached -- she may even consider it an option. Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking they can take liberties with someone, and sometimes they try purely physical contact if they think it's the only way they can satisfy their obsession.

In fact, no matter what she says or how nice she looks that day, make any romance between you and her off-limits. Maybe you're just getting over a breakup, or you haven't had physical contact with anyone in a long time. But under no circumstances should you do anything romantic with her. This will only make her more confused and hurt. It's not cool.

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