5 Signs He Doesn't Want To Date You Any More!

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As a dating expert, today I'm going to talk to you about some questions from members of the medical dating website for rich dentists. Of course, this applies to any exclusive online dating site. Have you ever wondered why your partner doesn't want you anymore? So you've come to the right place.

If you're looking for signs that he doesn't want to continue your relationship, I'm sure you've spotted some red flags. Am I right? It’s not worth spending your life chasing men who don't want to be with you. I promise you, you will live your life like that strange cat woman on the street who has no one to talk to. So, don't be that woman. My goal is to show you some signs that he doesn't want to date you, so you can dump this guy and let the people who do want to date you find you!

1. His heart is completely closed to you
If you love someone, you open your heart to them. Relatively low, if he really loves you, his heart will not be closed to you. Through my coaching experience, I've found that men can be more closed to finding love (even if they meet a great woman).But if a man likes you, he'll open up to you. Part of being open is talking to you, opening up about his life and past experiences. He may not tell you when he took his first steps or who he fell in love with in high school, but he will give you more honest information about his relationship with his family and his friends.

A man who values you and is willing to open up to you will. There’s no point in trying to change a man who obviously can't give you his heart. Because: you can never change a person! It’s natural for a man to open up to you at the beginning of a relationship, but be careful: when you open up to him, does he respond or remain silent? Does he slowly open up over time, or does he remain closed in the same way? If he doesn't open his mouth an inch, chances are he doesn't want to be around you.

2. You're the one who puts in all the effort
Do you always give more with him? You always take good care of him, always take the initiative to call him text messages, always for his consideration. While he may respond to your text messages (when he's available), he's not rewarding you for your efforts. It is not enough that your relationship depends on your efforts alone. This is also an unhealthy relationship and sooner or later something will go wrong.

A man who wants to have a relationship with you will do everything he can to make you happy. He’ll be thinking about you all day and trying to let you know he's thinking about you. A man who doesn't want to have a relationship with you takes, takes, takes, and never gives up. You want a two-way relationship, right? You want a man who can give without needing anything in return. Obviously, this is not the person.

3. He is still involved in his former love affairs
Each of us has a past relationship, and we all have exes. Maybe you broke up with your ex and then tried to make up. Maybe your ex pursued you a few months after you broke up. That's what happens. So, consider that the person you're dating also has an ex, and it's likely that the relationship isn't quite over yet. If he tells you he's just friends with his ex, but he hasn't invested in the relationship, chances are he's still on the phone with his ex and doesn't want to date you. You know you can't make him forget his ex, so you should move on and find the one who holds you in the palm of your hand.

4. He always leaves you hanging
A few months ago, I met a client who really liked a man. She told me it was amazing when they were together, and she loved being with her. But whenever they made plans, he would leave at the last minute. He always put her aside.

Does this sound familiar? Have you ever had such an experience? Unfortunately, this is one of the signs that he doesn't want to interact with you. If you feel that everything is going well between you, but he suddenly ignores you, doesn't return your phone calls and texts, or waits for days to get back to you after you contact him; or he cancels at the last minute; or one minute he likes you so much, the next he alienates you. Then he's really not that interested in you, and trust me, he's not worth your time and effort. Communication and respect are important parts of a relationship with a man who is interested in you. A person who cancels plans repeatedly disrespects you. If a man can't respond to your text messages or phone calls in time, he's not an investment.

5. He spoke with hot and cold
You may be in touch every day, but not in person. In most cases, the two of you text, maybe you've made a phone call or two, but he's made it clear that he's not a caller.

In one study, I found that a certain number of men start snubbing their women when he starts not being interested in her. So take a moment to think about who he'll be texting if you haven't heard from him in days. Most people -- men and women -- like to associate with people they're interested in, so if he's not that keen on it, it's probably because he doesn't want to continue with you.

As you can see, the signs that he doesn't want to have a relationship with you are pretty obvious in your dating life. Even if you do, you may want to continue dating him because you enjoy his company. You can do that, but I want you to realize that someday you're going to get hurt.

I know it takes courage to stop dating someone, but look at it this way: if you don't stop now, you'll give more and more and you'll be less and less happy. So go for a walk now when it's easier than later.

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